Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet The Team

Our founders, Benoit Collette and Erick Waldman

Lazerwood,cofounded in 2010 by two designers, Erick Waldman and Benoit Collette,developed an iPhone 4 case solution that emanates natural aesthetic finishesbut fits flawlessly with the phone’s uniquely thin design. Shopping for theirown iPhone 4 cases proved fruitless, so the resourceful duo created theprototype that is now Lazerwood. Colleagues and friends began requesting coversto purchase and a brand was born. 

“We wanted something that didn’t add bulk, orcompete with the incredible design of the iPhone,” said Waldman. “Thin woodveneer seemed like the perfect choice.”

Staying true to the sleek and clean visualstyle of the iPhone, Lazerwood cases are designed to adhere solidly to thephone, without any damage. Using the warmth and beauty of real wood veneer, thecases are precision-cut to fit the back and sides of the phone.

“I love the natural feel of the wood,”Collette adds. “It’s amazing how comfortable it makes the phone feel.”

Lazerwood products are all manufactured insmall batches in the heart of Seattle Washington. The initial team of 2 hasexpanded to the slightly larger size of 4, with creative direction provided bythe founding partners. 

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