Thursday, February 14, 2013

Giving Back

It is a turning point for all of us when we can start giving back.

The basics are covered.
We are meeting our goals.
There is time and energy to look beyond the immediate.

Lazerwood is small but strong and each team member brings a deep vein of personal service to our jobs. When you architect a company with people who love to reach out, well, the company reflects that value. And we look for ways to give back, even in these early years as a business. We are starting small, with causes and organizations close at hand (and heart) and yet we hope that our modest gestures will grow in the years to come.

To all of you who love and buy our products; thank you. We love what we do and appreciate that it's because of you that we get to be generous to others.

For more information regarding these efforts, please contact Sarah Hurt at